The 2024 Nigeria Spelling Bee season has officially begun, igniting excitement across the nation. The journey commenced with the Kwara State Competition on January 24, 2024, setting the stage for an exhilarating series of events.

This captivating season will unfold in every state of the Federation, Stating in Kwara and reaching the Niger State competition on June 4th.

The National Grand Finale, slated to unveil the country’s champions, promises not only glory but scholarships up to One Million Naira for the winners. These national champions will proudly represent Nigeria at the prestigious African Spelling Bee in Abuja come December.

The Kwara State Competition was a showcase of linguistic brilliance, where standout spellers secured their spots for the National Grand Finale. Let’s applaud the exceptional spellers who will represent Kwara State:

Junior Champion:

  • Okegbenro Faizah Olayemi of Queen Jolade Schools
  • John Unekwuojo Favoured-King of Mayday Montessori School Ogbomoso

Senior Champion:

  • Olawore Yasmeen of At-Raheem International Schools

The Nigeria Spelling Bee, nationally recognized and endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC), serves as a platform for intellectual excellence. Champions from this event don’t just win scholarships but also carry the honor of representing Nigeria at international literary championships.

A special acknowledgment goes to all participating schools, parents, and coaches for nurturing and presenting these brilliant spellers. Heartfelt thanks also extend to the gracious host of the Kwara State contest, Arraheem International College, Ar-raheem Street, Madi, Ilorin, for contributing to the success of this thrilling linguistic journey. Stay tuned for more spellbinding updates as the 2024 Nigeria Spelling Bee unfolds its chapters nationwide!