In the bustling town of Mararaba, Nasarawa State, the air was filled with the essence of intellectual fervor as the Nasarawa State Qualifiers of the Nigeria Spelling Bee unfolded on the 8th of March 2024. This captivating event showcased the exceptional linguistic talents of the region’s spellbinding youth.

Champions of Brilliance:

Junior Category:

  • Wilfred Eldad Terhemen of Intimacy with Christ International Schools

Senior Category:

  • Babalola Samuel Damilola of Intimacy with Christ International Schools Mararaba

These remarkable champions have emerged victorious in their respective categories, earning the esteemed opportunity to represent Nasarawa at the National Finals. Their journey continues as they vie passionately for scholarships of up to One Million Naira (Seniors) or Five Hundred Thousand Naira (Juniors), and the esteemed honor of representing Nigeria at the African Spelling Bee.

The Nigeria Spelling Bee, a nationally recognized event endorsed by the Federal Ministry of Education in collaboration with the National Senior Secondary Education Commission (NSSEC), stands as a beacon of intellectual excellence. Champions from this event not only earn scholarships but also proudly carry the responsibility of representing Nigeria at international literary championships.

Special appreciation is extended to the host, Intimacy With Christ International Schools, Mararaba, for their gracious role in hosting the Nasarawa State competition. Their dedication and support significantly contributed to the success and impact of the Nigeria Spelling Bee.

As the captivating journey unfolds, stay tuned for more updates and achievements, as the 2024 Nigeria Spelling Bee continues to illuminate and inspire audiences nationwide!